Prototypes! Magnetophon and Electrophone at Superbooth16

April 6, 2016

I showed a couple of prototypes at Superbooth. Magnetophon is a NAB equalised Tape Head + amplifier, while Elecrophone is a guitar pickup in a module.

Here’s me talking and waving my hands about them:


  1. Robert Hyman says:

    The Magnetophon and Electrophone are two of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time. I am totally excited to get my hands on these and they open up a whole new world of ideas and possibilities for a modular system. Totally brilliant!! I have a Microphonie and a Radio Music as well and I love them to death. I need a few more of each actually. Keep up the fantastic ideas!! Best, Rob

  2. Loz says:

    Loving the Magnetophon, manually running along the tape segments is a nice tactile way of lo-fi sampling. Has anyone got any good links to simple mono cassette (playback and record) circuitry? I’ve been wanting to make a DIY tape delay for my Euro for a while but don’t know enough about the tech

  3. Max Neutra says:

    Can’t wait. I think that modular synths are about exploration and discovery, and these capture that spirit, allowing for access to seemingly endless possibilities within small and inexpensive units.

  4. André says:

    Hi Tom,
    i´ve seen your cad-files from the Magnetophon at GitHub. Could it be, that a trace crosses the milling-area for the cutout near the Tape head?

    Loving your projects… 🙂

    Greetings from Germany,

    • Tom Whitwell says:

      Yes, latest version in the Github fixes that. Surprisingly, the board worked fine…

  5. When will the Magnetophone be ready for purchase??
    You are a true innovator!! Every other Modules from other manufacturers that I’ve seen and heard are boring compared to yours ,keep up the great work !!!!

  6. Mick Glossop says:

    Hi – I built the Magnetophon today and works fine, but the amplifier is a bit unstable. When turning up the grain, it picks up RF and eventually goes into HF oscillation.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, Mick

    • Tom Whitwell says:

      Hi, there’s an unpopulated capacitor spot on the PCB – try putting a 1nf or 10nf cap there.