Composing with Tape Recorders by Terence Dwyer

January 12, 2014

Composing with Tape Recorders by Terence Dwyer

Composing with Tape Recorders by Terence Dwyer

I discovered this book while watching Berberian Sound Studio; Gilderoy has a copy by his bed while staying in Italy. It’s an eccentric English view of experimental music,  summed up by the subtitle; Music Concrete for Beginners.

It is an utterly practical and straightforward guide to making experimental music; collecting source material, structuring compositions and so on.

Terry Dwyer now lives in Loughborough: “For most of his life he has been a bridge player, and still plays and teaches the subject to a few private pupils. Other hobbies are golf, indoor bowls, computer music and reading. Oh – and he admits to watching television; not too easily these days as he has almost lost the sight of one eye. He and his wife Betty celebrated their Diamond Wedding in 2006, together with their six children and sixteen grandchildren”

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Here’s a spotify playlist containing some of the music mentioned in the book:

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  1. Just enquiring, if I may: is this the Terence Dwyer who wrote ‘Leicestershire March’? I have acquired the original parts, and I would be interested to know.
    Thank you.