Music Thing Radio Music 4hp Virtual Radio module

December 23, 2014


Radio Music is my new module, a 4hp sample player that is designed to perform very much like a voltage controlled radio.

For the first time I’ve hosted all the code and documentation on Github, so here are the links you need:

Radio Music Project Homepage

Documentation (includes build docs etc)

Background: John Cage, Stockhausen and radio in music

Muff Wiggler discussion thread

Thonk will be selling kits here





  1. I’m having trouble verifying the Radio Music sketch in preparation to load it on to the Teensy 3.1
    If you can send me an email, I can reply with the error output to maybe help me get it going. I am a little new to Arduino/Teensy but have followed the Teensy instructions to install the plugin and associated libraries and am a little lost with the errors I’m getting.


  2. Adam says:

    Hey – have you tried sharing this stuff with Upverter? I don’t have Eagle on my home machine :-/ (Plus, Upverter’s free for open source 😀 )

  3. Paul Geffen says:

    Assembled mine from Thonk boards and Mouser parts.
    Worked the first time!
    Now downloading and installing sound files.
    See twitter @triadex for more info.

  4. Alan Mason says:

    Got everything working but the teensy seems to lose it’s program when it powered down. Is this just a bust teensy board and if so where’s the best place to get a replacement.


  5. Tillman says:

    just letting you know that the teensy boards shipping from thonk are now teensey 3.2, and there isn’t a blink fast and slow 3.2 .hex file in the downloads.

  6. matteo says:

    panel white template are possible? fantastic for personalize my module!

  7. Ale says:

    Do you plan on sending more DIY kits to Thonk or any other website???

  8. marcas says:

    Hi there – sorry to be such a pain but `i barely use computers and am a bit of a luddite! I downloaded the Radio Music libraries and have the zipped folders containing the .RAR folders. I followed instructions and got UnRarX which wouldn’t recognise the files. I tried with lots of other unarchiver type software and none of them worked either. Are the files somehow corrupted or am I doing something really stupid? Any help would be very much appreciated!