All the Music Thing Radio Music audio and video demos in one place

February 2, 2015

Here are all the Radio Music Demos that I’ve seen, in one place:

More details at the project Github

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Automatic Gamelan

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An important message from the modular

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Radio Music functioning as a drum machine

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Surprisingly hard to do…

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Radio Music!!

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  1. Andy says:

    Hi Tom – hope you are well?

    This module is the reason I have started to look at modular afresh. However, it has been the bane of my life at the same time. I purchased my first ever case, a Deeper A-100MC, to house the module in (after the module was built by a local electrical repair man – I am allergic to solder fumes). The electrical repair man, John, built it to the best of his ability and says it should work – I have not been back to him but thought I would contact you.

    The case (a doepfer a-100mc) came with a continental plug (I am in the UK) and I have run through all of the tests that involve blinking LEDs and it seems fine. However, I cannot for the life of me get any audio out of the thing – it just has a high pitched distorted tone.

    Do I need a UK plug, do I need a mixer unit? do I have a dodgy case? I have tried the SD card with different set ups (all downloaded from your directory) but to no avail – I have tried plugging the module in to powered / unpowered speakers and headphones but all with the same result – a high pitched, distorted tone.

    Whilst I am a fan of Harsh Noise, I would love it if you could shed some light on what you would recommend as to how I go about getting it sorted. If you could email me at xxx you will be enabling me to carry on with my modular adventure.

    I really am new to all of this – so, apologies if this grinds your goat. Hope you do not mind the long rambling email and I look towards getting a mikrophonie – Andy