Musical Applications of Microprocessors by Hal Chamberlin

January 12, 2014

Musical Applications of Microprocessors, Hal Chamberlin

Musical Applications of Microprocessors, Hal Chamberlin

I ignored this book for a long time, expecting it to be an out-of-date guide to getting bleeps from ’70s and ’80s microprocessor chips.

In fact, it’s a very readable textbook about all kinds of sound synthesis and generation. A useful section on the theory of sound – the impact of different waveshapes on the human ear – leads into a detailed guide to modular synths.

The section on algorithmic and random composition is particularly good, with a deep analysis of the Triadex Muse. There is an extract from this section in the reading list on random sequencers I put together for people building the Turing Machine sequencer.



  1. Rob says:

    Scribd sucks. It makes money out of others’ copyright.
    Hal Chamberlain doesn’t get a cent if I subscribe $9 to download this.
    At least if you were to put a direct or a free link to the pdf, I’d get to see an out-of-print book, and Scribd wouldn’t cash in on theft.

  2. Tom Whitwell says: