Open source electronic musical instruments designed in London.
DIY Eurorack Module

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6 things to know about Axo Control

  1. The Axoloti is a fantastic and hugely powerful sound board from Belgium, with a very active community developing and sharing patches and porting across open-source code including Mutable Instruments modules.
  2. Axo Control is an open-source controller board inspired by the Nord Micro Modular. It adds 6 knobs, 3 buttons, 4 LEDs and a joystick in a unit the size of a game controller.
  3. It's a completely passive board, connecting to headers that can be soldered onto to the board - so it's a pretty easy DIY build suitable for confident beginners.
  4. Here's a nice write up of the Axo Control from CDM.
  5. And here's a simple video demo (with the audio playing through a TV in an apartment on a South African holiday):
  6. And here's another quick demo with the prototype:

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  7. Very few people have had trouble constructing the Axo Control board, but if you need advice, check the thread on the Axoloti community or the Github issue list.