Random Sequencer Addendum

July 10, 2012

User Ultrashock in the forum noticed a big silly error – C6, one of the power supply smoothing capacitors is the wrong way round in the schematic and the PCB silkscreen. Surprisingly (and happily) it doesn’t seem to have much impact (i.e. it doesn’t blow up or get hot). Still, it’s an easy fix, and very easy to correct when building.

When building, insert C6 the opposite way to the silkscreen markings. i.e. place the LONG lead in the hole with the circular pad, below the – sign.

With the power header in the background, both capacitors should have their negative stripes on the RIGHT.

Update: September 2012. I have now corrected the files if you’re downloading gerbers to build boards.
Rev 2  =  Faulty
Rev 2.1 = Fixed