Spring Reverb Video Demos

October 20, 2013

This video shows how the Spring Reverb module works. The sound is slightly out of sync, which you may notice in a couple of places.

Top knob is reverb level.
Right hand smaller knob is Tilt, a simple hifi-style tone control that changes the colour of the reverb.
Left hand smaller knob is Control, an attenuverter control for the incoming CV. 12 o’clock = no CV, clockwise = increasing CV, anticlockwise = inverted CV.

Patch DPO sine waves sequenced by Turing Machine and Wogglebug. Gated through QMMG, envelopes from Maths. The CV input makes 80s-style gated reverb and pseudo-reverse reverb possible.

For this demo, using a 9EB2C1B full sized reverb tank.

The module contains a vactrol crossfader that you can also use independently. Here, it is crossfading between the DPO Final and Square outputs.
The module can be built with either a Silonex or a VTL5C3 vactrol. The VTL5C3 sounds smoother for this use, with a slower response that can be ‘pinged’.






  1. Paul Burns says:

    Have you tried a VTLC5, C2, C4 or C1? I just wondered…

  2. Zac says:

    Im just wondering if you’re planning on releasing the schematic for this project in the future?