Spring Reverb documentation is up

October 26, 2013

All the details here: Music Thing Spring Reverb


  1. ross says:

    heu buddy loving your gear just picked up a turin/pulses/voltages from steve at the brighton meet

    cheers ross

  2. Arne Borgan says:

    Hello. Sorry to disturb you here but Muffwigler locked me out for 120 min.. Short question: I accidentally switched the pots B50K and B10K on the Spring Reverb pcb. I was just seeing this after reading the documentation right now. Do I have to resolder and put them in the right postion? Thank you. Arne PS. The kit seems to work.

  3. Matt Umland says:

    The back board has two locations labeled “fuse” but I do not know what components go there. Please advise.