Spring Reverb Research Notes

October 10, 2013

Spring Reverb Research

Building spring reverbs is fiddly – the circuits are simple, but the components are physical, non-linear moving parts

Roy Mallory’s Tech Note is a great analysis of the best ways to use op amps to drive spring reverbs.

The Care and Feeding of Spring Reverbs is a fantastic explanation by Rod Elliot

Reverb Tanks Explained from Amplified Parts is another great resource, with schematics from various guitar amps and lots of data

Accutronics┬ánow manufacture most of the spring reverbs you’ll find for sale, and their site has plenty of documentation and schematics.

Brian Neunaber invented and patented the ‘Brick’ reverb module, which uses PT2399 delay chips – his site contains details and schematics

Fender use a single TL072 to drive the spring in the Fender Blues Junior – this link goes to the schematic.

Tellun’s Neural Agonizer is a very deep dual-tank modular reverb – schematics are available.

Small Signal Audio Design is a really good, easy-to-follow guide to audio circuits – the tilt EQ in my spring reverb module comes directly from the book and works really well.