The New World of Electronic Music by Walter Sear

January 12, 2014

2014-01-12 10.57.45 I bought this because it has a cool cover and because it was written by Walter Sear.

Walter features heavily in Analog Days, the history of Moog & Buchla and early analog synths, as “a musician, salesman, inventor, studio engineer, manufacturer, B-Movie maker and porno-movie maker.”

After WWII he started a tuba factory in New York. After buying one of Moog’s theremins, the pair went into business, with Walter offering to sell some of Bob’s theremins. Business was slow, but he met a young composer called Herb Deutsch.

Herb met Bob and took him to New York to see an experimental performance in a Manhattan loft. Bob loved the show, and they talked for hours. Those conversations were the start of the voltage controlled synthesizer. Anyway, Walter was an interesting guy who had an incredible career.

Writing this book wasn’t the highlight of that career; it’s a very dry wikipedia-esque review of electronics circa 1972. Not recommended.