This Machine Kills Fascists

February 8, 2017

This Machine Kills Fascists

If you want to join the Synth Builders vs¬†Fascism club*, here’s an Eagle library to add this tiny message to any circuit board: thismachinekillsfascists-lbr

* Previously:

“This Synth Kills Fascists” stickers from Thonk

“This Machine Kills Fascists” stickers from Audio Damage

“This Acid Kills Fascists” stickers and EP from DyLab

“These Machines Kill Fascists” from Trogotronic¬†(“I thanked him once for killing fascists and he corrected me, saying that it was actually my job to kill fascists.”)

One Comment

  1. Luke says:

    These stickers are great, my machines are up and killing